Past Captains

Below is a list from 2000- Present of our Mens and lady captains, You may download our full listing backdating all the way from our beginning in 1896 by clicking here.
YearPast Men's CaptainsPast Lady Captains
2017N. JamesAnn McCarty
2016D. LoganMrs L. Jackson
2015 D. FarrellMrs J. Farrell
2014 W.W.C. Pollock Mrs R Croft
2013P. MartinMrs M. Gregg
2012 R. CoeyMrs C. Linehan
2011R. MannMiss E. Patterson
2010P. Smith Mrs L. James
2009R Sinclair Ms P. Clarke
2008D. RollinsMr P.M. McBride
2007T. CromeyMrs M.J. Logan
2006P.B. Johnston Mrs R. Cochrane
2005J. McIIduffMrs M. Corry
2004F.S. GrahamMrs I. Graham
2003J.A. CooteMrs J.B. Allen
2002M.E. Field Mrs V. Ferguson
2001W.E. EvansMrs A.L. Davison
2000R.A. TaylorMiss A.E. Nelson
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