Helen's Bay use a number of solutions for managing the club. Several of these solutions now offer club members with phone applications and web access.

  • ClubV1 Members Hub provides several features for all club members.
  • BRSGolf and HowDidIDo are must have applications for active golfers.
Download and try them out for yourself. Please contact the office if you have any issues or want further information.

ClubV1 Members Hub

Provides members with general club information and features such as:
  • Update Personal Information held by the club
  • View club card transactions made at the bar
  • Live competition leader boards
  • General handicap information
  • Access to the Club Dairy and club News

BRS Golf

BRS Golf solutions are used to manage tee bookings. As part of the package club members can download the BRSGolf App to manage their tee bookings for competition and social events.

HowDidIDo - Handicap and Playing Record

  • Playing records - all competition rounds recorded 
  • Stats - find out what is you best and worst scoring holes, scoring average and a lot more
  • Club directory - search for player information in Helen's Bay and other clubs

Troubleshooting Guide

Members will need to use the same email address they have registered with the the office and HowDidIDo to successfully register to the ClubV1 members hub.

To change the email address you use to access HowDidiDo, please follow the steps below:

1.) Log into HowDidiDo using your existing credentials

2.) Click on the User Profile icon in the top-right corner or go to https://www.howdidido.com/Profile/Me

3.) Scroll down to Security Details and click on the “To change your email address, please go to HowDidiDo Passport website” link

4.) Enter the new email address and your password to update your account credentials

5.) You will be sent an email with a link to confirm your new email address

6.) Once you have clicked on the link you can then access HowDidiDo with your new email address

If they still have an issues after trying the above then please ask them to email their issue to the HowDidiDo Support Team on hdidsupport@clubsystems.com.

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